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A Family Tradition

Without a doubt, furniture repair and finishing is in the Niemeyer blood.

It all started with the Mahogany Shop in San Diego, California.  Frank Hettick, a 23 year old German immigrant, started the business in 1910.  It was then acquired in 1929 by Anthony "Tony" Baeres, who was a furniture maker from Holland. 

In 1945, John Niemeyer became a partner in the Mahogany Shop with Tony.  At this point, the business still produced custom furniture but was focusing on repair and refinishing.  As the business grew, Tony and John built a new building in 1947, which is where the Mahogany Shop resides to this day. 

In 1958, Tony retired and John asked his son Charles to buy out Tony's half. Charles Niemeyer accepted the offer and moved from New Jersey to start working in the family business as a new co-owner.  John retired in 1964 at the age of 65.

Charles continued working in the business and was joined by his son Bob Niemeyer.  Bob worked at the Mahogany Shop for 16 years until he moved to the Midwest in 1996 to pursue other opportunities in the wood finishing field.  Charles retired in 2007 at age 73. 

Today, the Mahogany shop is being run by Ron Niemeyer and is celebrating it's 100th year in business.

In the Midwest, Bob Niemeyer and his son Craig (3rd and 4th generation) continue to keep the tradition alive with Niemeyer Restoration.